Rebecca and Maddie’s First Fight! Battle Royale as Fairy Princess for 24 Hours
Rebecca Zamolo learned RZ Twin hypnotized Maddie’s Ex Crush after spending 24 hours in 50’s diner. Matt and Rebecca then realized RZ Twin is bad when they found footage of Maddie's crush in new house searching for clues. It all started with the game master network tricking Maddie's Ex crush boyfriend to help get Connor back. Rebecca must get the final device to fix the switch up because things are getting strange. Matt and Connor go to spy on RZ twin at the lake of secrets. She is having a secret meeting with the game master and they hypnotize his brother Mr. X. Rebecca and Maddie become fairy princesses for 24 hours in the magical location. They find a queen who wants them to complete challenges to win the device. We do a real food vs gummy food challenge but Maddie is hypnotized by pixie dust and doesn’t want to leave. A mysterious noise turns the queen evil and she makes Rebecca and Maddie do a battle royale. This is their first fight and Rebecca needs to save her cousin. For the tik tok challenge they must do a trending renegade dance. It turns into a hide and seek chase until Rebecca uses mist to dehypnotize her best friend. For the final challenge they melt 10,000 skittles into a giant bowl and trick the queen to escape. Daniel facetimes the zamfam squad and tells them that stranger things will be happening at their house. What do you think Daniel’s secret plan for the switch up will reveal? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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